Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Langenberg

Expert Opinions as a Basis for Business Decisions or legal Proceedings

As an expert witness in arbitration proceedings and public court proceedings, I advise companies on topics relating to materials technology, fracture mechanics and welding technology.

The main focus of my work is on issues relating to the application of steel, cast steel and cast iron as well as welded and galvanised constructions.

  •  My working methods include a targeted analysis of the facts in connection with methods of materials testing and microanalysis as well as fracture mechanics and normative considerations
  • and a dynamic communication with the customer, in which a scientifically systemic approach to solutions is sought in exchange.

My activities as an assessor relate to

  •   Arbitration proceedings (arbitration),
  • public court proceedings,
  • company specific requests,
  • Special approvals of materials and components (approval in individual cases, UIG).

Examples from my practice:

  • effect of production-related welding defects in a box section of a tower crane,
  • effect of old steel on the structural safety of bridges,
  • Clarification of component safety with normative undercutting of the notched bar impact energy (T27J),
  • Clarification of the connections between galvanizing cracks and galvanizing,
  • Calculations for the use of non-harmonised steels as supports for a stadium roof,
  • Evaluation of the structural safety of large steel castings in a roof construction,
  • effect of heavily cold formed areas in steel profiles on fatigue safety,
  • Fracture mechanical assessment of the service life of riveted old steel structures.